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With Qweeko, Life Cycle Assessment for electrical and electronic products becomes 20x faster and 4x cheaper!

Climate change 83 Kg de CO2

Water requirement
40 m3

Consumption 2500  MJ

Waste disposal 15  Kg

Extraction of raw materials -
Manufacturing - Manufacturing - Manufacturing -
Transport - Transport - Transport -
Use - Use - Use -
Recycling - Recycling - Recycling -
End of life - End of life - End of life -

Qweeko revolutionizes the LCA


Comply with new regulations: RE2020, Climate Law, European EPD

New expectations

Meet new market expectations, in B2B as well as in B2C

Impact reduction

Reduce the impact of your products and organization


Enrich your extra-financial reports: carbon footprint, CSRD, etc.

Regulations are tightening, creating an  unprecedented wave of LCA

An increasing number of regulations require you to provide Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), do your carbon footprint or issue extra-financial reports.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of your products is therefore  becoming gradually mandatory to continue your activity and the distribution of your products on the European market.

Climate law
Coming soon

Specifically, what implications do these regulations have for you as manufacturers?

B2B impact

As a result of RE2020, your BtoB partners now need the environmental declarations for your products.

B2C impact

The Climate Law will require an environmental label for each product placed on the french consumer market.

Internal impact

The CSRD imposes extra-financial reporting. Some of the data you need comes from the impact of your products.

LCA: a long and complex process

LCA is a standardised method involving several stages. Each stage involves complex and time-consuming tasks that require specialist expertise in environmental assessment.

Data collection

Hundreds, sometimes thousands of data to be collected on each product, from multiple sources.


Manual reconciliation of each data collected with environmental databases.


Product modeling that is long and requires the mastery of technical tools.


The need to keep impact calculations up to date according to methodological, regulatory and product developments.


The formalization of LCA reports is standardized and differs according to the regulations or the country addressed.

Exploitation of the results

Exploiting the results of your LCA is often complex and inaccessible by most of your teams, which limits their added value for your organization.

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Qweeko Start

You don't yet have the in-house resources to carry out your LCAs?

With our Start offer, you're only in charge of what you know best: your product data. Our experts take care of the rest, leveraging the power of our solution.

Take advantage from Qweeko's expertise to carry out your LCA with complete peace of mind,

Get your reports 20 times faster thanks to our technology,

Simply adapt your billing to your needs and their evolution over time.

Qweeko pro

You want to become autonomous and internalise your LCAs?

With our Qweeko Pro package, you can benefit from full access to our solutions and generate your assessments quickly and efficiently.

Significantly reduce the time and cost of each of your LCA,

Get maximum benefit from exploiting your results via our dedicated functionalities,

Benefit from the constant evolution of our tool.

LCA and environmental information: A business stake

More and more companies are placing LCA at the heart of their strategy in order to measure and reduce the impact of their organization. 3 examples illustrate this trend


In order to better control and reduce its carbon footprint, Rexel encourages its suppliers to provide LCA for their products.

Leroy Merlin

Suppliers refusing to provide the information necessary to calculate the Leroy Merlin ecoscore will be removed from the distributors' catalog.

Public tenders

12% is the average weight given to the “environmental information” criterion in French tenders. A weight that keeps increasing over time!


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Just over a year ago, we were looking for an LCA and PEP solution for our industrial customers and supplier partners, and came across Qweeko's offer. One of our major suppliers volunteered to test the solution and compare the results with analyses previously carried out by an LCA expert. Our supplier's feedback was clear: faster, simpler, and completely consistent results. I then presented Qweeko to a customer in the electric panneling trade who was looking to understand this new world for his company. Qweeko's very didactic approach enabled my client to be reassured about the seriousness of the proposal and to place an order very quickly. Qweeko went through the process with the customer, proposed a schedule for the deliverables and finally kept its commitments to him. It's a success story that we'll be replicating with other customers and suppliers in the coming weeks. For all these reasons, Rexel has signed a contract with Qweeko.

Benoit Ribault

Director of Projects, Innovation and Services


Having already had some experience of LCA and PEP creation, it was easier to assess Qweeko's work and the collaboration proved to be very positive. We found a team driven by a genuine interest in sustainable development and a thorough knowledge and understanding of the PEP and LCA environment as well as industrial constraints. Very professional, very efficient and very satisfying.

Gwenaëlle Saliou-Secretan

Head of LCAs Zehnder France


I'm delighted with the successful collaboration we've had with Qweeko. ITEC was able to carry out life cycle assessments and draw up PEP sheets for its flagship products in fast-track mode, thanks to the talented team at Qweeko. I'd like to thank them for their professionalism, efficiency and friendliness! Thank you to our partner Rexel for putting me in touch with them.

Maria Lajaate

Sales director

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If I have produced an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), can I re-use my LCA for other purposes?

Yes, when you generate an EPD, you collect a set of data relating to your product. By using this data within the Qweeko solution, it is possible to use the results for other applications: environmental communication, CSR, impact analysis, etc.

Can the LCAs produced by Qweeko be verified for certification purposes?

Yes, our solution incorporates the protocols and methodologies required for certification and verification. We can also recommend independent experts who can carry out this mission.

What happens if I haven't been able to collect all the data related to my product?

Don't panic, you're not the only one in this situation. When data is missing or not precise enough, we apply default scenarios that allow us to carry out the LCA of your product.

What is a PEP and how can it be used?

A PEP, or Product Environmental Profile, is an environmental declaration regulated by the French organisation PEP Ecopassport. It is this organisation that defines the rules and framework to be followed when carrying out the LCA of your products and the way in which the results must be transcribed. The PEPs produced are freely accessible from two databases: the Iniès database and the PEP Ecopassport database.

Is there a link between a LCA and a carbon footprint?

LCA and carbon footprint are two different yet complementary impact measurement exercises. The carbon footprint is generally carried out at the level of your organisation and enables you to estimate its emissions across all 3 scopes. LCA is an environmental assessment which, among other things, calculates the carbon emissions of the products you manufacture. The results of your product LCAs will therefore enrich your carbon footprint.